Friday, November 04, 2005

Great Idea Gone Awry

My head is so full of what I think are great ideas. A good number of them don't work, but that doesn't stop me from trying them. One of the first ideas I had, was in training my horse.

  • I knew very little about horses, I just wanted one. I bought an untrained horse, that may not have been smart but it was cheap.

  • I went to the library and checked out about every book and magazine on horses I could find and started reading.

  • Luckily, I had my younger sister to test my new knowledge. Our system worked out well, I read and instructed and she'd do what I told her. When she would go flying through the air after mounting my horse, I'd tell her that you are suppose to get right back on. She'd heard that, too, didn't know why it was important, but she figured I must be right. She'd climb back on, only to be on her back a few seconds later. One day she stayed on (she looked like a professional rodeo rider) and "Glee" stopped bucking. I was so happy... he was "broke".

  • The next day I mounted Glee confidently, gave him a little nudge with my foot. It's not like in the movies.......I landed in a somewhat sitting position.

  • I read that you have to keep the horse's head up to keep him from bucking so I devised this little getup that you see in the picture. I tied a rope from each side of his halter and tied them together high on his neck and then back to the saddle horn. He couldn't lower his head very far.

  • I got on and it worked. I went out into the pasture and felt so free! I started him galloping. Yipppeeeee!!!! It was so much fun!

  • The rope broke, it is a long ways down, big rocks, flat on my back.... wind out of me....can't breathe, I hate that horse, that cloud in the sky kind of looks like a cat, I wouldn't be getting right back on anytime soon.


Toni said...

Now this would have been 'perfect' for IF 'broken'

you might want to consider trying sometime.

eriesargonaut said...

Ha, now that you mention it, it does fit 'broken'. The horse was broken, the rope broke, ha. What is IF? Is that a group project?