Friday, November 25, 2005

I was Otterly Dumbfounded...and Cold

It's a good thing I thoroughly enjoyed the company of my in-laws and their two little boys at the Otters game last night or I'd have been even more critical that we spent that much money to see a bunch of sleepy Otters skating around the rink under the premise they were actually playing a game. What'd they do, eat turkey before the game?

We fans endured unspeakable coldness to get there, the least they could do is put out some effort. You're losing me guys. There was some quotes in the paper that said something like "they don't think they can win.. .." Well, guess what. GET OVER IT! Where's the heart, you see it in little high schools without a chance to win in football and they still play their hearts out. You play your best win or lose, it's very revealing of your character. I don't care if they were to lose by 10 points if they played hard. I give a bit of credit to the goalie for playing hard, he got very little help.

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