Monday, November 21, 2005

68 Degrees

  • Anticipating the high cost of natural gas this year, we've been keeping our house at 68 degrees.
  • I get cold very easily and in the past I've been known to keep my house at 78 degrees in the middle of the snowy winter. It's a California thing. It's a thing that my husband mentioned the other day when discussing the high cost of fuel.
  • I have been walking around with a blanket around me sipping on really hot coffee to survive this frigid temperature of 68 degrees.
  • Yesterday, this problem was solved. My husband surprised me with a shopping gift for a WARM robe that I've been wanting. I picked out the most plush, warm one I could find.
  • This is the softest robe I've ever felt and it is keeping me so toasty that I started sweating in it this morning and asked my husband if he had turned the heat too high.

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