Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Update: Progress-House Restoration

The Stairs. It seems I'm never going to get done.

TIP OF THE DAY. Don't try to step on the newly finished floor before you are sure it is totally cured. But I needed to get upstairs and it felt dry to the touch.......

What I've done already on the stairs.
  • Patched the ceiling.
  • Primed, textured and painted the ceiling.
  • Stripped off the old wallpaper on the landing.
  • Ripped up the 50s or 60s shag carpeting.
  • Stripped the oak wood baseboards and flooring on stairs and landing.
  • Stripped the oak around the windows on the stair landing.
  • Sanded all the wood and then applied several coats of dewaxed garnet shellac on baseboards, floor and window trim. ( Plus a redo on the floor for my "stepping on" mistake)
What is left to do on the stairs.
  • Apply a few blonde dewaxed shellac top coats on all wood.
  • Top all wood on stairs with Waterlox.
  • Touch up paint on walls around the windows and baseboards.
  • Put up new wallpaper on landing area.
  • The outside wall along the stairs is red. It wants to oxidize and chalk so I'm going to coat it with a poly when I'm done with everything else.
  • Pick out and hang some kind of curtain on the upper level window. It is hard to find something that will look good in a window that only 40 inches by 20 inches. I may make something myself.
I also just installed 2 1/2 inch trim along the top of the stair baseboards to hide rope lights so that the stairs are always lit. I've had some close calls coming down the stairs at night. The overhead light on the landing doesn't light the bottom of the stairs very well.

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