Friday, November 25, 2005

Well, I Never

  • I never have been so cold in my life as I was when I walked from our parked car to the Civic Arena last night to watch the Otters play hockey.
  • That wind just numbed me and I was wearing my new "perfect" coat, with my new matching hat, even. I had my matching neck scarf and matching gloves and was all matched. But all I had on my legs was an ordinary pair of light jeans, I'm not wise to the effects of "wind chill".
  • My husband tried to shield me and held me close as we walked on sheets of ice that were suppose to be sidewalks (who is in charge of safety here?)
  • I thought I was going to crack a tooth the way my teeth were chattering, it was so loud! My eyes were tearing up badly and my "Dailies contacts" were floating on the surface of these tears and I could feel the edges fluttering in the wind, really they were! If they went, so went the evening because I wouldn't be able to see who was who at the game.
  • My husband guided me carefully through ice and people in the howling wind. Then suddenly the door opens and we are in a warm place but I'm still shivering. A co-worker of my husband came over to greet us. I was stunned, unresponsive. I was still in a separate world of shock. I imagine this is what the people that get rescued feel like.

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