Thursday, November 10, 2005

My Whys?

  • Why can't they make digital cameras click instantly so the moment isn't gone by the time the dumb thing flashes?

  • Why don't they make an affordable turntable that you could drive up onto in your driveway to turn your car around so you don't have to back out into street traffic, something simple made out of strong plastic with ball bearings that you could just push around?

  • Why don't they make a paintable caulk that is really, truly paintable?

  • Why can't be on top of things and have "real-time" doppler instead of being late to the show with doppler images 20 to 40 minutes out of date?

  • If Dish TV can have local network channels, why can't Direct TV?

  • Why do they put paint thinner, denatured alcohol and mineral spirits in a metal can that sloshes all over the place when you pour it? If they insist on using that can why can't they sell a pouring spout for it that screws on like a gas can has?

  • Why do they try and sell a magazine with 4 pages of content and 30 pages of ads for more than a book would cost? Who are these people dumb enough to buy it?

  • Why don't they make toilet holes bigger so they don't clog?

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