Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Along the Road (cartoon)

When I was very small in Minnesota,whenever we went on a roadtrip us kids would have a counting contest. In Minnesota it was cows in fields along the road and if you came upon a dairy, which was likely, the game was pretty much over because we couldn't count that fast or that high.

When we moved to California, the game turned into counting horses out in the pastures and pens along the road.

Here in Pennsylvania I haven't got over my counting game, it is kind of a ritual of a trip. But here I count dead deer.....sometimes dead raccoons. Last year between Pittsburgh and Erie there must have been more than 50 dead deer along the freeway during that trip. That was horror, what was that all about?

Luckily, when we went to Grove City the other day I counted only 2 dead deer in the first few miles but none after that. I wasn't as scared coming home that night. I never worried about hitting deer when I lived in California, loose 1,200-pound horses in the fog, yes...but deer, no.

Below is a light-hearted cartoon I drew of what you may see on a cross-country trip at night.

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