Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Cats, One Is Nice, Three Are Entertaining

A day doesn't go by that our cats don't do something that creates a laugh.

We have three from the Humane Society, one older male and two young Russian Blue brothers. The oldest male would just like to be left alone to sleep and look out the window and occasionally play with a toy hamster. The two young brothers are like conniving little active children that are constantly "setting up" the old one, Moosie. They hide and pop out and scare the wits out of him. I think he's on his 9th life right now. They follow him everywhere, even to the litter box and both sit there and watch to the dismay of Moosie.

The two brothers wrestle almost exactly like human wrestlers do. First they have a sit off, then one raises a paw and they start wiggling and positioning themselves for the take down. They will do a few face slaps before one makes the big move. The take down involves flailing hind legs of the cat being pinned. The match only ends when the pinned cat gives out a squeal and the top cat releases him as they run through the house, dive through the cat door leading to the basement stairs, down the stairs and back again. This is quite entertaining and we interrupt whatever we are doing to watch this.

One brother is much like a dog as he will play retrieve with a toy mouse. He comes running when you call and the two brothers will sit up and beg for a treat. They are constantly begging for treats. Moosie refuses to lower his standards to beg for anything.

Moosie wiggles door knobs. When I'm home alone it can be quite frightening. In the bathroom I'll see the doorknob jiggling that scares the wits out of me sometimes. He just doesn't like being shut out.

I find toy mice in my potted plants, several times we found them stuffed in shoes and once my husband went to work and was reaching into his briefcase side pocket and pulled out a toy mouse. It's pretty amusing.

Even with the cost of cat food and kitty litter you get a lot of entertainment for the price.


Toni said...

I LOVE the illustration!!
Your story of your cats is hilarious. I love it. I have one cat, Lily. I often wonder if I should get another one.
Lily has two favorite toys and at night we can hear her playing then she brings them upstairs and leaves them on my clothes or in my shoes. Like you, we laugh and get a kick out of her.

eriesargonaut said...

Thanks, Toni. The two brothers were together their whole life so they play well together. When we went to the Humane Society we were just going to get one as company for Moosie. We saw these beautiful Russian Blue cats and wanted just one but then we didn't have the heart to seperate the two brothers. Moosie tolerates them, but wasn't real happy about the addition. Most of the hilarious action comes from the brothers, it's just like having children in the house.

Debbie said...

I searched to find what kind of food you feed Moose (because I have a cat like him) and stumbled on this post. I don't recall seeing this before. Great artwork!