Friday, January 20, 2006

Pictures of Completed Shelfs-Decoupage-Pot Rack

Here are the pictures of what I have completed this week so far. I still have one pot rack to hang up. That was hard to do because I needed a wall stud to hang it. My stud finder gave me so many false readings. That is what happens when you have plaster lathing behind the walls. I had holes every 2 inches for 2 feet trying to find one. Of course that requires fixing all those holes before I could hang it.

I took new brackets and antiqued them with 3 layers of paint (hunter green, colonial red, beige cream) with crackle medium between them and then rubbed a stain (walnut) on them to age them to look vintage.

Here is the completed 6 ft long and 12 inches wide shelf with hinged extension. I have a hinged board that swings out to hold the extension up when I want to use it. The edges of the non-hinged part is curved on the corners. This unit sits over a radiator and gives me a place for small appliances.

Here is on of the pot racks I made. The board is routered with a round-over bit on the top but left straight on the bottom. The shelving unit I made and these pot racks have 1" buttons over the screws as an accent in dark, muted hunter green to try and tie the projects together visually.

Close up of the pot rack. Button looks black but is actually a dark green. The crackle finish has green (paint) and brown (from the stain and shellac) showing through. This is the same finish that is on the shelf and extension in the second picture. I achieved this finish in several steps. Painted hunter green, crackle, colonial red, crackle, water-based fumed oak dye rubbed on, one coat of garnet dewaxed shellac, three coats of water-based polyurethane gloss. I sanded lightly between all the coats except the rubbed on dye.

I used the same exact finish as above for the wall in the built-in unit. then I painted a black border around that and distressed it. I decoupaged vintage coffee ads from magazines and prints on the wall and crackled that and glazed it with the water-based stain and coated it with water-based poly.

Today and this weekend I plan on getting the other pot rack installed and restoring the finish to some antique swing-out curtain rods so I can hang some curtains around the stained-glass window. Then it is back to finishing the other projects that are still pending. This was a fun escape from the tiresome painting and refinishing of the walls and woodwork.

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