Monday, January 30, 2006

Winter's Over?

I went into the backyard this morning to put in some fresh bird seed and I was surprised to see a beautiful velvety purple pansy poking her head out of the ground thinking maybe winter was over. Gee, should I get the summer clothes back out? I see people everywhere wearing shorts (I think they are being shortsighted). I'm no fool (anymore). If I don't see Mr. Chipmunk raiding my bird feeder (and he isn't), I know we are still in store for some very cold days. The birds know, the chipmunks know. Why is it that people and pansies need a weatherman to figure it out?

1 comment:

Toni said...

That is so cool Linda.
Panseys can take a lot of cold.
i just wish i knew where my birds went. I have been bumbed because my feeders have hardly been touched.