Monday, January 23, 2006

New Web Cams, Weight Loss and Toaster Ovens

On the site I noticed new webcams. Interesting views of the new CyberInk office and of 12th street looking towards the fire station.

I have been trying to cut back on fats, meats and "unhealthy" carbs. I'm eating lots of vegetables except for potatoes, and also have some brown rice and oatmeal (all portion controlled, though). I'm eating lots of popcorn I cook in my microwave popcorn popper. I coat it with buttered-flavored Pam, imitation butter salt mixed with lots of Nutra Sweet. Yummy. My goal is for 2 1/2 pounds per week. After 3 weeks I've lost 8 pounds so I'm right on target. I'm finally using my elliptical machine. When we first got it way last year I could only do about 5 minutes and I was pooped. I looked at it as a torture machine and gave up. But this time I went really slow for 5 minutes a few times a day and am now up to 40 minutes all at once in just 3 weeks without hurting, my legs are tired but not in pain and suddenly I'm full of energy. "I'm sleeping better and getting up earlier. What a difference! I have more to lose but this is easy after the first week. Even the first week wasn't bad. I think it is mainly just adding the exercise and cutting back on fat that makes the biggest difference.

So now I'm trying different recipes and many I come across need baking in the oven. I hate to heat the big oven for just a small dish of food with the current price of natural gas so I'm looking for a toaster oven, broiler, rotiserie combo. I went to Target and Walmart last night but the selection wasn't too good. I found two I would want after reading all the reviews from customers at I don't really want to wait for it to be shipped so I'll look in the mall today or tomorrow for one of the ones I liked. If not, I'll have to order it. I've always loved my Jet Stream but I have had two and they both broke and it is too much money to spend on something that doesn't last.

I did finish putting up my pot rack but I didn't get the curtains hung over the weekend. I mounted them on the swing-arm rods and held them up and didn't like the over-all look. I'll use them on another window.


Toni said...

Congratulations on the weight loss. As for a toaster oven we have a 'DeLonghi' brand and got it at Lowes so that might be a place to check out.
I've been meaning to write you about your shelves. I didn't forget. the kitchen is really looking good. I love what you did for your pot rack. Gives me some ideas. ;) thanks. i have the same problem no place for pots but in the oven. Don and i started a year ago watching what we eat. I did loose some but I just don't have time for excersize. i would have to give up reading blogs and I don't think that will happen.

eriesargonaut said...

Thanks, Toni. I saw that brand of toaster oven listed on Amazon but skipped it because I hadn't heard of it before. I'll give it a second look. Computers do cause lack of exercise. I used to spend too much time on them and wasn't getting as much done as I should but have cut back quite a bit. How did your stairs come out. You said you found oak under the carpet?