Saturday, January 14, 2006

My Kitchen Stair Mural

Just in case anyone was interested in more pictures of my mural I've included them below.
The comments section in my previous post gives the details of which parts were stencilled and which were freehand.

Above is closeup of the stone patio bricks.

Baby bluebirds and flowers and leaves.

Top of the tree as it goes up the stairs.
Note the oriole.

The color is somewhat off in this picture but
the real color isn't quite as strong as the other pictures.
The view is from the top of the first flight of stairs.

Close up of the pansies.

Finished product. This wall used to be an ugly pale green
with huge cracks of plaster falling out. I replastered in
places and filled the cracks. Good as new!


Toni said...

ThAnKs!! Looks BeAuTiFuL!
You have inspired me to finish my livingroom.

You did a wonderful job. It doesn't look like you used stencils. And your coloring is great.

Eden said...

This is fantastic!