Saturday, January 14, 2006

Trying to be Creative with My Kitchen

I have one of those small "bungalow-style" kitchens from the early 1900s. I'm trying to make it work but the counter space is minimal. I stopped working on the front stairwell landing to attack this project as some days I cry out, "I need counter space and can't take it anymore!!"

I have already built several shelves across the kitchen side by side windows which helps a lot. It lets me keep the shades up and still maintain some privacy as the knick knacks and plants break up the view. I painted a mural on the kitchen stairs (pic) and I restored, painted, stenciled and braced an antique marble-top "work station" that was falling apart that we found at a local antique shop (pic). But I have to have a place for the coffee pot, can opener, toaster, etc. I only have one place I could mount them under a cupboard but that wouldn't give me enough room underneath.

On that beautiful day last Thursday I went to Lowes and bought a 6 ft by 12 inch pine board as well as a 3 ft by 12 inch board and pine brackets. I rounded the ends of the big board with my saber saw and sanded it and painted it a hunter green. Wow, too much green going on. So I put crackle medium on it and red paint on top of that and sanded it to let some of the green come through. Still doesn't work. I put on more crackle and some tan colored paint. I think if I rub some walnut stain on that it will look nice and old which is the effect I'm looking for without it being too dominant a color.

I'm going to mount that above the radiator that is in front of the window to give me a place for my appliances. To that I'm going to hinge the other board with a swing out leg that will be used when I need extra space when company comes over. I may tile that, not sure yet.

I'm really looking forward to having that extra counter space. I'll post pictures when I'm done.


Toni said...

I love that mural!!! So why arn't you painting more?
Is that one of your cats I see?
Can't wait to see this shelf ;).

eriesargonaut said...

Thanks! The mural has a lot of stencilling in it. The background, the tree trunk and limbs and the stone are all freehand. The plants are a mix of free hand and stencilling. What doesn't show too well on the left is a wall of lattice work that was freehand but the raspberry bushes crawling up it are stencils. The golden sky is faux finish on top of tissue paper texture. This took months, ha. There were so many do-overs I couldn't begin to tell you. That's pretty much why I don't paint more. Yep, that's my little cat on the stairs. He's very precious. The leaves on the tree and the bird nest and birds are stencils. I'll post another blog entry with some more pictures. I do like how it turned out finally.