Wednesday, January 18, 2006

My Kitchen Projects (pics)

I finished the shelf and swing-out table-ette? above my radiater in the kitchen. The piece I have on a hinge that locks out the table when I raise it has too much sag in it. I'm working on a solution.

I decoupaged the wall behind the counter area of the built-in cupboards with vintage coffee ads from magazines and prints. I crackled the paint and varnish and then stained it to give it an old antique look. I'm really happy with it. My husband saw my artwork and asked what will I do when we get a smaller microwave because I painted up to the edge of this one. I have been wanting to get a smaller microwave to give me more space. We don't need a full-sized one. Well, good point, I hadn't considered that but I'll just have to add-on and try to make it match.

Today I'm building my pot racks. I had lots of scrap lumber from other projects I can use. We went to the hardware store the other day and I bought the hooks. Most of the time I keep the pots and pans in the oven which prevents me from wanting to use the oven because I'd have to unload them all before cooking. So, hopefully, this will organize them and give me more room and it is all being done on the cheap.

Now, I'd have taken pictures of my accomplishments and post them today but I have all my tools and paints and brushes, cordless drill/driver, hammer, level, square and countless other things stacked on the floor in front of my wonderful new shelf/table. I still need them until my pot racks are painted, crackled, aged and put up. Then I'll take the pictures.

But I do have some pictures of the original floor we discovered when we removed the dishwasher last year. It's linoleum. This antique linoleum is not the same as vinyl. It is made from linseed oil and the color runs all the way through it. This flooring is under a rug, plywood and tiles and that takes up almost an inch in height. I can't wait to tear out these layers and get to the flooring. I can bring back a luster to the old linoleum if it isn't too far worn through. If it is I'm going to pull up some of it and frame it. It would look terrific in my craftsman-furnished room. Under the linoleum is long-leaf heart pine so I'm going to be happy however it turns out. I love vintage and antique stuff.

This first picture is how it looked when we first removed the dishwasher. I could barely make out the color. I got pretty excited when I saw it. The second picture is when I cleaned it up with some ammonia. Some may think this looks awful but I love the vintage designs.


Toni said...

you have been very busy girl.
can't wait to see the finished counter top and swing out counter.
Yesterday and today I have been removing the carpet on my steps that go upstairs. beautiful oak steps were underneath. I thought about you today and was thinking you and I use the tools more than the guys. Last summe Don did get the kitchen carpet up but no real neat design like you found. Just plain dull off white.

Dittman said...

Wow! Everytime I read your blog, I feel guilty about all the work that needs done in my old house!