Friday, January 13, 2006

My Late Christmas......Early

I received my late Christmas gifts.....early. They were back ordered and weren't suppose to arrive until almost February. I was thrilled at the brass outdoor thermometer, it has real class.

I've been wanting the CD, "How to Talk Minnesotan" and that came in the same box. I had heard it many years ago and thought it was so funny bringing back early childhood memories. They poke fun at Minnesotans and the funniest part of it is that it is all true. (I wondered where my dad got all these quirks, ha, oh, me too to some degree).

The last couple of days lets you know the winter weather I left behind when I left northern California. It felt so good to get out and shop without a coat on. This warm streak has helped break up the terribly long winter. We also will go to Kissimmee, Florida in March for 6 days. My husband will be working there but I get to go as a tourist and I'm planning on seeing all the art galleries and museums that I didn't get to this past summer when we went to the Orlando area.

Please let this warm weather stay. Maybe tourists will start wanting to come to Erie with this kind of weather.

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Toni said...

Well it is early saturday morning and winter is back. Of coarse it is because Don went to the fly fishing symposium in Cleveland today.

But I had to tell you (about tourists) that I was amazed when I worked at the mall this Christmas how many Canadians came here to shop. Bus after bus after bus.
At times it felt like half our sales were Canadian shoppers and the weather didn't matter.