Monday, July 11, 2005

"Behind the Mantle" Keep This Ticket

Keep This stated on the ticket. That's what they did for almost 73 years. We found this ticket from 1932 (among many other things) behind the mantle when we were refinishing it. I have never heard of Presque Isle Grocers or of Presque Isle News. Both are long gone, I'm sure. I wonder if the Park Theatre was the Drive-In Theater across from Waldameer. Hidden history from behind the mantle.

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Anonymous said...

If you're thinking of the drive-in on which the Ridge Center now sits, that place was created in the early 70's I believe.

The Park Theatre sounds like something that might've been on Perry Square.

What was the name of the Drive-In that was torn down and replaced with Wolf Run? It was a Streamline Moderne masterpiece. Wish I could remember.