Monday, July 04, 2005

Fireworks from Presque Isle (pic)

This was my first year seeing the fireworks displays from Presque Isle. I was stunned by how many private (illegal) fireworks were going off in the city (did they change the law?). I didn't know which way to look there were so many. The display from Mercyhurst was exceptionally pretty with the bursts occuring over the lit-up city. The drawback was that we really couldn't hear the fireworks and that is a major component for enjoying them. We started our evening off with some fishing at about 7 PM. The fish are pretty much asleep or gone with all this hot weather. I did catch a crappie and a bluegill. Then we staked out our little place on Presque Isle. Almost no one was there. The breeze was stiff and it felt good. I brought ice-cold cokes and chips and salsa minus the chips that I forgot at home. One the way home we drove by Strong Vincent High School. Someone was setting off quite a large display. I wonder if they got caught. We did see a helicopter with a spotlight searching around the bayfront and city, I wonder what it was they were looking for. Here is a photo I took from Presque Isle of last night's Mercyhurst's fireworks display.

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