Thursday, July 14, 2005

From Yard Sale to Ebay$$, $2 turns into $325

Here is another of my eBay successes (I've had my share of failures, too).
I bought several ceramic cats at a yard sale a few years ago. They were covered with years of what looked like, kitchen grease and dirt. I took the whole box of them at $1 apiece. I ran them through the dishwasher and noticed these two seemed to match. I went to the book store and looked up vintage collectables and found these two listed as Hagen-Reneker of Monrovia, CA and that they were part of the Designers Workshop of Hagen Reneker. I got over $125 for the big one, "Fluff" and over $200 for her baby, "Puff". I corresponded with an expert on HR collectibles and he stated it was rare to see a Puff without a broken tail. I hated to part with these two.


Chad Louis Martini said...

Hey thats very interesting. I got linked to your website from my cousin sending me the link, he being I have a suggestion for your post here, you should post a link to the eBay auctions that you sold these pieces at. I would have liked to take a look at that. I only say that because im an eBay person myself. Take care, nice blog!

Chad Martini

eriesargonaut said...

Thanks, Chad. This particular auction was a couple of years ago and is no longer active on eBay. They only keep them to view about 3 months, I think. I don't buy much now unless I want to keep it for myself, but if I do run a current auction that may be of interest to antique lovers or local interest, I'll post it. Thanks for the suggestion.