Friday, July 08, 2005

Silver Heron antique (pic)

Antiques in Virginia continued..

We came across a giant antique mall as we were leaving Virginia on our vacation to Colonial Williamsburg. We spent an hour, maybe two going through so many antiques. They actually had a civil war uniform (rebel) for sale on a display mannequin, It was riddled with moth-damaged holes. I touched it and moths flew out. Hmm... you'd think they would do somthing about that, it is an historic item. I almost bought this and I almost bought that, but wasn't sure..... When we got home I had lots of regrets for the things I didn't buy. I found the same copper apple kettle for 3 times as much here in Erie and it wasn't in as good a shape. We did buy an Art Deco silver heron. I believe it is from the 20's but no later than the early 40's from the research I've done on it. It is from the Jennings Silver Co. I love the bird. I love herons so this was perfect. It is big, it is about 16 inches from beak to tail. (See past days' posting for more of the Virginia antiques.)

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