Sunday, July 31, 2005


My husband and I just spent a few days in Gettysburg. On the way home today we were passed on the freeway near Pittsburgh by a SUV going about 80 mph with a mattress strapped to the top with two little straps around its middle. The straps were loose and the mattress was catching big wind. I was scared it was going to fly off at any moment. The pressure of the wind at 80 mph, like holding up a sheet of plywood against a hurricane!! You'd think they'd see the horrified look of people in other cars that they would check to see what was happening. Luckily we stopped at a rest stop and didn't have to follow behind it. A normal brain message would tell you to tie at least one rope front to back.


Toni said...

Don't it make you wonder what people are thinking at times. It's scary.
But I did have to laugh and thinking I'm glad I wasn't behind them.

Dittman said...

What's really funny was that at the same time the SUV was horrifying you and the other drivers, the Car Talk guys were taking a call from a guy who was working on a "matress spolier" for just such a situation!

Renee said...

Wonder if you might know what this stove is worth. I have one without glass. Thanks