Monday, August 01, 2005


We had a great 4 days in Gettysburg. This is my second time seeing it, the first being a very humbling experience. I went this time wanting to find the places where those first photos from 1863 were taken. I was only successful in a few and was distracted by so many things I had missed the first time there. Here is one of my photos of where the famous picture of the breasthworks at Devils Den was taken. The 1863 photo was taken to the left, closer and lower than where I took mine. The breastwork stones had disappeared over the years to souvenir seekers but have been replace and cemented in now. This was a "staged" photograph. The dead man was killed during the battle not far from there and dragged by the photographer to where he is laying. I can't believe someone would do that for the sake of a picture.

1863 picture - Library of Congress

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