Wednesday, August 17, 2005

People Watching

The Athletes and Not
You are always entertained when you go to Presque Isle. What a collection of people...and dogs. In the last couple of days that we've taken walks at Presque Isle I have seen some of the prettiest and ugliest dogs around. As far as people are concerned, some look like trained athletes as they run or bike by without breaking a sweat in their designer running and bicycling outfits. On the other end there are the waddlers, moving as if in slow-motion. Some of the waddlers pretend to be athletes by dressing like the athletes but the slow-motion action gives them away. The waddlers often have a dog to help pull them along. I find people watching fascinating.

Added Entertainment
You never know what you will come across when walking the beaches in the evenings. The other day we came across a photo shoot of a "want-to-be model" laying on the beach with some photographer with huge camera lenses instructing her how to pose. The setting sun was a good backdrop. A few hundred yards down the beach are several couples embraced, watching the sunset, stealing kisses. At the end of our walk, near the lighthouse, we came across a group of people doing yoga. Legs crossed, arms out, eyes closed. For heaven's sakes!!! Open your eyes!! One of the prettiest sunsets you'll ever see is going on in front of you.

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