Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Clean Sweep

I watch almost all of those DIY or home improvement shows. After watching a very successful transformation on the show "Clean Sweep", my enthusiasm sparked up. One look around our home office and I knew we needed a "clean sweep". It was difficult to let go. Even more difficult to keep and find places for everything I decided to keep. Before I "clean swept" it, I knew where everything was or at least in what area of the office it was in. About a week before we were to leave for Gettysburg I went to find the Gettysburg Driving Tour CD and booklet that we bought the last time we were there. "Oh, the pile of stuff on the desk where it used to be isn't there now. Now, where did I put it?" I remember debating if it should be with the books or with CDs. It was with neither and as time ran short for looking I actually was loosing sleep over this. I went through the attic, every folder, drawer and box in the office. I couldn't find it and we left for Gettysburg without tour instructions and had to buy another one. I felt awful. The whole point of clean sweeping is to be able to find everything. Beware of "clean sweeping". You'll be spending countless hours looking for things.

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