Saturday, August 27, 2005

Chicken Curve Ball.

Searching the clothes in the back of my closet I found never-worn clothes with the price tags still on them that I absolutely don’t remember buying. It must have been a long time ago because they had very small-sizes printed on the tags. I can almost date the clothes by the size. Now, what to do with those clothes, tell my husband about them or discard them quietly?

It reminds me of something my beloved late mother did many years ago, which I find terribly amusing and somehow I feel there is a lesson here. And this is really true. I got a call from my mom one day asking if I’d come up and help her get a chicken off of the roof (two-story house). I couldn’t believe my ears. “ A chicken on the roof, whose chicken?” She said, “It's a frozen chicken not a live one.” I remember thinking for a split second, did it fall from a plane? Then I said, "How in the world could a frozen chicken get on your roof?” “Well, I took a chicken out of the freezer to thaw for dinner and saw that it was freezer-burned. Dad has made such a stink about wasting food so I didn’t want him to know about it. So, I thought I’d pitch it into the field behind the house and let the coyotes eat it…..but I missed.” I started laughing pretty hard by that time. “Missed?" She said that she swung her arm as hard as she could and pitched it underhand but didn’t let go in time and it landed on the roof instead of out in the field. There is no way Dad wouldn’t see it up there in plain view and it would start smelling by the end of the day. There was slight panic in her voice as how would she explain this to Dad? I lived 40 miles away and I remember there was some reason I couldn’t go up there and told her to try to take a hose and wash it off the roof. This was quite a while ago and I don’t remember how she got it down but I remember a few years after my mom died, I asked Dad about that chicken. He didn’t know anything about that. She succeeded!

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Toni said...

Oh Linda you made my day with this story.