Friday, August 05, 2005

Teapot, Hummingbirds, and Chipmunks

I searched the internet and finally had to become a member of a message board on silver to get any kind of answer about my. I got berated by the board's moderator for posting pictures on my webpage and linked to them instead of using their site with the 72 dpi rule. I thought it would save time and it didn't say anywhere in their 3 pages of rules on posting pictures that you couldn' I'm going back to that website, NOT. Someone must have saw the post before they yanked it "for misbehaving". I did get a one sentence reply from someone that my teapot looked to be "hotel silver". I hadn't heard that term before. I then took that term and searched and found some teapots similar to mine. The number in the box on the bottom of the teapot is the date. So, now I know it was made in 1927. Now I'm searching for the company that used that decorative logo on the front.

I put out a hummingbird feeder a few years in a row and never got any hummingbirds. I figured because we are surrounded by other houses that the hummers just couldn't spot it. A couple of days ago I spotted hummingbirds several times in my garden and on my potted nastertiums. Gee, all you have to do is plant the flowers and they will come.

What is more adorable than a chipmunk with his little chubby cheeks? They used to entertain me but now I've resorted to chasing chipmunks. I stopped feeding the birds because the chipmunk took all the seed. They nested in our front porch canopy over the winter that was stored in the garage and when we unrolled it, there was a softball-sized hole where they had chewed it to make a nest. They dug up many of my plants when I started my garden. I have been babying a beautiful blue flower and got it to bloom again and this morning I saw a chipmunk grab the flower bud with his paws and bend it down and eat it. The chipmunk constantly plants bird seed that they get from neighbors in my garden. I don't know if the plants growing are the wildflower seeds I planted or bird seed sprouting. Just say NO to chipmunks.

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toni said...

Sorry I can not help with the tea pot.
But as for the Hummingbirds you are right about planting flowers. Although I had flowers in my garden before I never was able to keep the Hummingbirds. Last year I spent all summer digging up my back yard and putting new plants for Hummingbirds and butterflies. It sure paid off.
I now have both.
As for the chimpmonk ... we dicided to not fight it and now we feed the squirrels and chimpmonks corn. :) they stay out of most everything now.