Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Losing it

About 11:00 last night I opened the microwave to warm my coffee and there sitting on a plate was a hotdog, shriveled from being heated and sitting there all day.  I thought I had eaten it for lunch.  No wonder I got hungry by the middle of the afternoon.  I often eat my meals watching TV and as often as not, I don’t remember eating them.  I’ll look down at an empty plate and want to accuse someone of taking my food.  Darn, I didn’t even get to enjoy it.  My husband was walking by when I was removing this inedible, processed all-American treat and our eyes met and I said, “Hmm. I wonder how that happened.”  He said, “That happens all the time.  I’m always removing food or coffee out of the microwave that you have left there.”  Well, that’s scary.  The upside…if I forget enough I expect to lose some weight at the same time I’m losing my mind.    

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