Monday, August 22, 2005

Nature All Around (pics)

We took our daily walk in the Oil Creek State Park, the Petroleum Center area, Sunday. It is just so beautiful and quiet there. You meet very few people walking the trails. Often you are the only ones around. I'm not sure why that is because it is prettier than Presque Isle (in my opinion) and it doesn't have many more bothersome insects than Presque Isle, but take your deet. It is just a bit out of the way. Blue Herons fly up and down the canyon. Once we saw an eagle, often we see beavers, racoons, a baby porcupine, bluebirds and a mink.

Oil Creek
The creek is low now but still was beautiful. I'd like to inline skate the trail sometime. There are both paved and hiking trails.

Oil Creek
There were wild flowers everywhere and plenty of butterflies.

Oil Creek
One interesting thing I came across looking up at an old rusty railroad bridge were labels with sequential numbers on them on each and every railroad tie. My best guess is that it must be for inventory or for keeping track of their age (for replacement).

If you go, take your camera because there is always a photo op there.

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