Saturday, August 20, 2005

Fred Flinstone Feet

Background story.
I'm no shoe person, Imelda Marcos I'm not. I'm not sure why I lack that common trait in women, perhaps it is because no shoes fit my "Fred Flinstone" feet. My brother told me once that I had Fred Flinstone feet and since then I have realized it was true. To think all those years I was ignorant of that fact and showed off my feet barefoot and with sandals. Since then I only cared that my feet be hidden and that the shoes are comfortable in the process.

But The Reality Is
I had to find some shoes to go with an outfit I bought for the wedding I'm attending in California soon. I hate buying dress shoes, they hurt my feet. I tried on a pair at DW Shoes yesterday morning and I just couldn't believe it, I found a pair of high heels that don't hurt my feet! I walked back and forth on the carpet in front of the mirror and didn't trip and they were comfortable. I walked out of there all excited. I showed them off to my husband, he liked them. OH, the perfect shoe!!! Suddenly, I'm all excited about getting dressed up, something I always tried to avoid.

The Consequence
My husband and I was out at the mall yesterday evening for our daily walk and while "just looking" around in stores he'd end up finding me in the least likely spot, the shoe sections.

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