Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Erie Cemetery's Treasures

Yesterday evening we took a quick trip to the Erie Cemetery. The cemetery is so full of history. The names, the art work on the headstones and the styles will keep you interested for a long time. It is a beautiful place for a walk.

Beautiful Art Nouveau style. You can see the set designers for Lord of the Ring's Rivendale got their inspiration from the Art Nouveau style. Some mausoleums are creepy but this particular mausoleum is as enchanting as a fairy tale.

Stained Glass From Firch Mausoleum, Erie
Stained Glass in the above mausoleum. If you peer through many of the mausoleums you get a beautiful surprise and will see some of the finest stained-glass work around.

Strong Vincent Grave Marker
The under-celebrated hero from Erie.
Brig. Gen. Strong Vincent, hero of Gettysburg is buried in the Erie Cemetery. He doesn't have but a pretty common marker for his gravestone.

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