Tuesday, August 16, 2005

California Here I Come

Last Minute
In a couple of weeks I get to go to California for my nephew's wedding. I hadn't planned on going but changed my mind at the last minute. (Gee, why can't this happen in the winter when I'd really want to leave Erie.) In order to get there I have to take 3 different planes and over 8 hours of flight duration. But I won't complain because I love flying out of Erie. I've done the Cleveland thing and what a hassle that is (plus long-term parking costs). My car rental was a hundred dollars more than my plane ticket. Flying is still a bargain. I'm flying into Sacramento, renting a car, will spend a day or two with my Dad in the Sierra foothills and then I'll drive my dad down to the Los Angeles area (Yikes! That's an 8 hour car trip one way and gas is $3 a gallon there). The wedding is in the San Bernadino Mountains near Los Angeles at a lovely mountain ranch near a lake. I haven't seen all of my family at one time in years.

The Shopping Begin
Ok, it began a few days ago, the minute I hit that computer button that confirmed my airplane ticket. I bought a "mobile office" carry-on bag so I can bring my laptop with me. My backpack in the past has slowed me down. This bag has wheels (hurray!!) and I can run with it. One flight only has 30 minutes between the landing and take-off of the next leg and I know I'll be running a half mile to catch my connector. I have missed one in the past, you can't even stop to use the bathroom or "you're out!". Coming home I have a 3 1/2 hour layover, fun. But with my computer I can watch some DVDs while waiting or if they have hotspots with wifi I can blog,write emails and send pictures to my husband who I'm missing already and I haven't even left yet. I hope my battery will last. I'll bring my AC adapter with me as some airports have places to plug-in. Well, there are still shoes to buy to match the outfit I bought yesterday and some other necessities. I'm quickly running out of time.

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Toni said...

Have fun in Callfornia
My sister lives in the San Bernadino area
in the foothills of the mountains
Just lovely there
Hope to back and visit soon