Friday, August 12, 2005

Garden Addition (pics)

Last Sunday we spent the afternoon buying and installing lattice on the side of the garage. In another post I had complained about the brightness of the white siding that distracted from the garden. We bolted 2x4x8's up on the side of the garage and screwed in the lattice. We put up 8-2ft panels 8 feet high. The higher the better was my thinking. It doesn't look right now because the boards are showing through (more than I thought they would.) I tied up the hollyhocks and tree mallows to the lattice. They are suppose to grow 8 ft high so they will eventually cover most of lattice. I want to hang colorful bird houses and garden art on the lattice. In the corner I want to move the bird feeder to cover the spot where the drainpipe comes down. It will take a few weeks to find the decorations I'd like for the lattice. In the mean time, here is the before and after and future (as best as I can do with ancient software).I would like river rock and bluestone around the garden. Scroll down to see the transition.

Before & After

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ron said...

that looks really nice!