Monday, July 18, 2005

What Would Happen?

I saw a car commercial where this supercharged car is at a toll booth and it reminded me of the first time I went through one of those things. It was on the Chicago turnpike with my husband. Somehow I never encountered one before ( I'm not a city girl) and it was confusing to me. Three lanes suddenly turned into about 8 lanes, some for EZ Pass drivers, some for trucks, some had green lights, some had red lights. Decisions, quick! Which one! Watch out for the other cars! and I wasn't even driving! To my horror, my husband didn't slow down until the very last minute, when we came to a screeching halt, he tossed the coins out the window, they hit the tray, slid down the slots and without hesitation he floored the car at the precise moment so that the arms blocking the way rose just in the nick of time. My head was whiplashed back during acceleration, being caught totally off guard. I looked over at him in bewilderment as he shot back up to speed with the skills of a Nascar driver. I wondered what was wrong with him, but then noticed that everyone was doing the same thing, jockeying for a return from 8 lanes back to 3 lanes. I think Chicago people live for the toll booth so they can beat their record time, like some challenge. I'm so glad I wasn't driving because first of all I may have gone into the EZ Pass or something and I wonder what would happen to you? If I picked the other lane I wouldn't have known about having the correct change to toss in the tray, then what? I don't think Chicago people would forgive a naive driver for holding up the show. I try to avoid any areas that you have to toss coins, I don't think I have the skills.

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