Sunday, July 24, 2005

Neshannock Creek, Volant and Grove City

Neshannock Creek
It was a gorgeous Saturday and would have been a fishing day except our favorite fishing spots were no longer supporting trout. Out of the blue we decided to take a drive to visit Volant and Neshannock Creek and later look for deals at Grove City. The Neshannock was extremely low, no water going over the dam.

There were a few Amish people about in Volant but we didn't see any horse and buggies there like we usually see. We stopped in and had some ice cream at the Old Mill gift shop and sat out on the gliders on the porch. It was very pleasant. A quick glance through the Neshannock Creek Fly Shop and we were on our way to Grove City.

Grove City
We rarely find a deal there. I guess we are spoiled because we have Value City and Gabes here. It is hard to pay even half price of the normal retail price at Grove City when you get name-brand shirts etc for under $5 here in Erie. Of course, you can get gypped a lot here, too. Often times the logo is misspelled or off center so your bargain ends up being money lost unless you dont' care about those things and hope no one notices. Many a shirt has become my "painting shirt" because of an unnoticed hole or off center logo. Gee, it looked so good at the store! Now I'm bargain shy. There is a reason it is so cheap and now I usually find it. We rib each other about who will find the most ridiculous item being sold at Gabes or Value City. Once my husband called me over to see a shirt there that had only one sleeve. Once I called him over to show him one I found where the shirt was sewn together so you couldn't put
it on. We had a good laugh and wonder if they ever got sold.

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