Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Garden update: (pics)

WEATHER: The weather was finally nice last night. What a relief. I spent about an hour playing with fireflies (no fireflies were harmed during this play) and enjoying the light breeze in the dusk hours.

GARDEN UPDATE: Since my last garden post I've added more landscape lighting and a fountain. The plants are filling in nicely. I still need to add the bluestone around the garden. The heat really took the wind out of my sails. I have to do something about that white on the garage side of the garden. It's blinding. My thoughts were to put wood lattice across the whole side. That would be expensive, though. Painting it darker is not an option as that happens to be vinyl siding and painting it darker absorbs heat and can make it warp (so I've heard). I wonder if 2 more sections of fencing along the garage would look silly. PS See server problems below picture.

SERVER PROBLEMS: I'm quite frustrated with VistaPages, the server for my home webpage Half the time there is a "connection refused". Half the time I can't upload my pictures. Most of my pictures on this blog link to my home website. I'm sorry for any inconvenience from them not loading half the time. I put in an issue ticket a few days ago and they still haven't repsonded. I did it again today, still nothing. Not good business.

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ron said...

that's a nice looking garden... mine was starting to come along until the guys from thermotwin decided to discard my old windows right on top of my flowers....

sucks about your server problems... you could try and store them on flickr instead... i've never heard of vistapages, but there's a bunch of cheap and very reliable hosts out there you can switch to.