Monday, June 13, 2005

June 13 New Treasures (pics)

Saturday's Chipmunk Attack

My plants didn't have a chance.

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Sunday Drive

Yesterday, my husband and I took a drive in the country. I loved the countryside in NW PA in the spring and summer. We drove through Corry (nice little town!) and was headed for Warren. I just loved Warren the last time we went through there. It still has so much of its old-time character. But we didn't end up that far.

Treasure Hunt Comes Out of Nowhere

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We came across an antique shop , in the middle of nowhere, on the corner of Rt 6 and Rt 958 in a tiny community called Wrightsville. It was called White Swan Antiques and Country Store. What a neat store! We didn't see anything we were looking for that was in our price range but thoroughly enjoyed going through it. We left and went up some back roads and then turned around and noticed a yard sale sign just a block up the street from the antique store. There were 3 men out there manning it and what characters they were! We really enjoyed them sharing the history of their 1840's house and some of the stories about the things they found in that old Victorian house. They even found a headstone between the walls!. We left with a small table I'm going to use in my garden $5, an old Queen Anne ottoman I'm going to refinish and reupholster $3 , a spokeshave $2 that I hope I can put a new edge on, and a crystal chandelier $5.

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Corry, Nice Little Town

We finished the day off with a stop at the covered "Kissing Bridge" and stopped in Corry at the Library Bar and Grill for a mid afternoon "dinner". My hamburger was delicious.

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Can't stay in a hot house so we went to the $1 movie and saw, Sahara. I'm a real Civil War nut and I heard it has something to do with the Civil War. But it doesn't, really. I started to enjoy the movie once I got past the sillyness of it. Just let it be what it is, an action, adventure that couldn't possibly be real. The stunts were down right silly but it was fun, anyways. You just can't take it seriously.

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