Sunday, June 19, 2005

June 20, Great Flyfishing

Saturday my husband and I ventured through the Saegertown, Meadville, Franklin and Titusville areas looking through antique shops and yard sales. We didn't find anything this time but we did find one of what I think is the best restaurants around. It is called the Four Sons Restaurant and Brewery in Titusville. The food was more than outstanding. We had some of the best stuffed mushrooms we've ever had. My husband ordered something called steak and mushrooms over salad and he ate every last bite saying it was really, really good. I had a hamburger as I most always do when we go out and it was top rate. The fries are as good as they get, too. Even the coffee I ordered was perfect.

Titusville, A Treasure of Old Houses

Our whole area is full of beautiful old houses. I came across some exceptional ones in Titusville. I had to stop and get a picture of one that I surely wish I could have. After I took the picture, we drove around and saw a "For Sale" sign on it....if only...

Dining Treasure

Flyfishing Fun

The biggest treasure of the day was finding a new fishing hole on Oil Creek. We usually fish the Petroleum Center area but we heard from a very reliable source that most of the trout have moved down to the big river but there are some holding in the deepest cooler holes. He said the cooler few days before may have brought some of them back. We headed upstream to the museum area at Drakes Well and had such fun fishing a new area for us. We started flyfishing around 5:30 PM and the trout were already feeding on the surface. The fish were much smaller than the ones we caught earlier in the year but we still had just as much fun. I caught 5 and lost 2 times that many during the evening. My husband caught 6 and had a very large brown on but didn't quite get 'em in. (We catch and release.) The area is artificial lures only.

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