Monday, June 20, 2005

Trough/Sink Gardens, part 2 (pics)

Making Trough or Sink Gardens, part 2

All is well that ends well, too bad it didn't.

I'm suppose to wait 5 days before I unwrap the troughs. Of course, I barely waited 3 days to unwrap the smaller ones and plant flowers in them.

They were a bit crumbly, which is what I kind of expected given my ingredients and impatience. As the days wore on, though, they got harder and now are like porous rocks. I left the big one, which is about 24 inches by 18 inches by 12 inches, wrapped in the garage. I knew it would be heavier than the others. Well, because of the hot weather we had I didn't bother with unwrapping it early. In fact, I went over the time by about 5 days and had a huge, hard cement box in my garage that I couldn't budge. I should have formed it in the garden, very close to where I wanted it permanently. I finally got smart and took a web come-a-long and dragged the box out inch by inch. Because I let it harden so much, I can't get the plastic to pull out of the sides, more work ahead. It is still sitting where I left it, near the gate to the backyard. I'm not sure what engineering feat will be required to mount that thing up onto the rock base I made for it. I'll think about that tomorrow.

To Be Continued....

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