Tuesday, June 14, 2005

June 14, Gettysburg's New Slogan?

Gettysburg's New Slogan?
What Happens in Gettysburg, Stays in Gettysburg?

Beautiful Gettysburg, almost pristine if you overlook Picketts Charge Buffet and Jennie Wade's House Museum, Jennie being the only civilian killed at Gettysburg. According to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette there are plans to build a glitzy gambling palace and health spa not far from Gettysburg. Clearly these are greedy people who haven't spent any "real" time in the park. It is so very humbling to spend time there, people talk in hushed voices, it is sacred ground. I'm sure these developers are telling people in the area it will be good for them, bring them jobs. Why not bring in a circus while we are at it? Maybe dress up a bear to look like Abe Lincoln. The blood spilled on that battlefield came from many states and that battlefield belongs to all of us, not just those who need jobs in Gettsyburg. Those developers are making a mockery out of a vital part of our history, trading history for money. I hope preservationists get the support they need to fight this. It will take a lot of resources to buy up this property in order to protect it.

Beautiful Gettysburg, taken on a recent vacation. Posted by Hello

MP3 Player

My husband took me to Best Buy a few weeks ago and surprised me by saying, "Pick out any MP3 player you want." Wow! I wasn't going to hesitate long. Except that I didn't know anything about MP3 players. I've heard them advertised and such but I didn't have a clue to how to use one. The pressure was on. I wanted to pick out a really good one but I didn't want to appear too greedy. I spotted the Ipods..oh, so much money. Then there was the really cheap ones, no, he did say any one I wanted. I ended up picking out a SanDisk, 1 G with voice recorder, FM tuner and can hold 16+ hours of MP3 music pleasure, or 32 hours of WMA. I made the right choice for what I use it for. I have it with me almost constantly and I often leave myself reminders on the voice recorder. The radio works really well. I found the greatest use is audio books. I joined an audio book club online and just download them. The SanDisk bookmarks where you left off when you turn it off which is a good feature for listening to books. And of course, I put several of my favorite blues songs on it. It sure makes working much more pleasurable. It is the size of a slim cigarette lighter and takes a AAA battery. The only negative I could come up with is, when the battery starts getting a bit low, it tends to shut off when switching modes.

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