Friday, June 17, 2005

June 17, Neighbors and Quakes

Like Groundhog Day, the movie.

We have several neighbors that are creatures of habit. Same thing, same time every day, you can set your clocks by them. What makes them like that? Are we the odd ones? Maybe we are just unorganized, winging it through life. Should I be envious of them, to know ahead of time what tomorrow brings? I think it would take too much effort, I think I like surprises.

Another Big One?

Four earthquakes in California this week. I'm guessing the BIG one could be coming. That worries me as most of my family live there. My sister lives right on the ocean beach in southern California and when the tsunami warnings were issued I worried a little bit. Earthquakes are the norm there. The Loma Prieta earthquake that hit the bay area and postponed the World Series was really something, though. I was walking through my house and saw the chandelier really swaying and then walked into the bedroom. The waterbed was sloshing back and forth. I was trying to make sense of it, did the cat jump from the bed, run out and jump up on the couch and bounce off the chandelier? How could he do that? Then I saw through the window the swimming pool water rising and falling that made the water look like a donut with a hole. The World Series went off the air. Finally it dawned on me, an earthquake. I saw it but I didn't feel a thing. Weird. But I was about 100 miles away from the center of the quake. My brother was visiting a friend in San Jose, very near the center, and they ran out the apartment and almost fell off the stairs that were swaying back and fourth 3 feet in each direction. He's a pretty tough guy but he was scared. So here is another great reason to live in Erie.

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