Thursday, June 23, 2005

Trough/Sink Gardens, part 3

I was trying my best to come up with some way to move that slab of cement, called a trough, to the back of my garden. I called my husband over to take a look at the finished product as it lay, in all its glory, plastic still attached in some places. I think he failed to understand the whole concept of my trough garden. But being he is always supportive of my "projects", he gave me encouragement and offered to carry that thing to its final resting place. I better be right the first time as to where I wanted this thing put because I knew that once he picked it up it was going to be the last time. So I showed him where I wanted it and to my surprise with a heave, ho he awkwardly and in a somewhat running pace managed to carry that thing to its place. With a slight bang it landed, forever gracing my garden. With a "thank you, honey!" I ran and got the "distressing tools" which included a hammer, wire brush and chisel. I did my best to remove the left over plastic and make it look "old" and not like a box lined with a shower curtain. I added soil and plants and voila!....a somewhat funny looking trough at the end of my garden. We now sit out in the evening and look out over our minute yard and comment on how very nice the trough will look when the nasturtiums drape over the sides and hide it. Right now it looks somewhat like a cradle but it is interesting and it gives my garden some vertical height.

Trough/Sink Gardens, part 3 (pic)
To Be Continued...with the recipe and some helpful hints I've learned since and some updated pictures as the flowers grow.

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