Monday, June 27, 2005

June 27, The Ditz at the Ritz

The Ritz Carlton,Grande Lakes in Orlando, Fl is every bit a palace. Total luxury. What is a girl like me doing in a place like this with its golf course, spas, down-filled mattress covers and people catering to my every need? Better yet, who are all these other people here? Are they really the rich or are they expense-account people putting on an air as to try and fit in by talking ever-so-softly and blotting so elegantly the corners of their mouths with their napkins? I'm here as a tag-along with my husband who is at a convention, though I'm not included in the expense account. So when I take off on my own to get breakfast and the check comes to over $20 for 3 small links of sausage and a few pancakes, it is easy to tell by my wide eyes that I'm neither rich nor on an expense account. I guess I should have asked ahead of time how much everything was, as I was given a menu without prices, so I thought. But under the sausage was a tiny 11. No dollar sign, no 11.00 or anything that would give me a clue that sausage could possible be 11 (dollars), I mean, it couldn't mean $11.00 for 3 small links of sausage. I thought it meant, like, I'll have the number 11, please. Or for pancakes, I'll take the number 8. I met my husband during his break. I told him about my $20 (plus tip) breakfast for one. Thankfully, he laughed and I'm looking for a Denny's. View from our room.

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