Tuesday, June 07, 2005

June 7, 2005

In the attic I came across some old bottles my mother dug up decades ago at a gold mine site in California. She saved them all those years and after she died, they went where ever I went. I decided to put them to use. I happened to be arranging a small saucer rock garden and thought they would add a nice touch so I buried them and exposed the tops through the soil at different heights.

Picture of glass and
bottle rock garden.

I realized, about 2 weeks ago, that I should have started my garden plants indoors. I am just now seeing the sprouts popping through the soil from the seeds I planted. Gee, it will be fall before the plants are a decent size. This is quite the adjustment in gardening. I'm from California where you get about 9 months to grow your garden. After living here almost 6 years you'd think I'd realize this is the norm here. You get 3 months to grow things if it is a good year. I'm eyeballing a spot in the basement to turn into my plant nursery so I can get a head start.
I just reformatted my hard drive and reinstalled Windows XP. My registry was a mess and I was tired of the errors. I had all the software and I backed up my files to a CD disk. I checked out several website that gave instructions. I took pictures with my digital camera of all the settings and files I thought I may need and loaded them onto my laptop. Then I set my laptop next to my main computer and after several hours and updates later I can proudly say, "I did it!" (with a few minor but frustrating problems.)
This humidity is more than I can take. I said that a few years ago and bought a mister to put on the end of my hose for when I'm outside doing gardening. Well, it has been in the junk drawer for those few years and today I'm hooking it up. I'm digging out a good area of grass to plant a cottage-style garden. It is too small an area to rent a sod digger upper machine but big enough that I expect a sunburn when I'm through.

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