Thursday, June 30, 2005

June 30, War of the Worlds, review

We went to see War of the Worlds last night at Tinseltown. There was a good crowd. The movie was pretty good, some parts were excellent and others were a bit slow. I just love that little girl actress, Dakota Fanning. She's been in lots of movies and she is just a fantastic actress. What spoiled the movie for me was the kid sitting next to us. Out of about 2,000 people at Tinseltown last night, an "out of control", problem teenager had to sit next to us. I wanted to move but the seats that were left were down in the front and the last time I sat there I had a stiff neck for the next 2 days. Right in the middle of the really scary parts, this kids starts hyena laughing and pounding with his fist the armrest and stomping the floor. He'd talk loudly to himself. It is too bad that everyone around us had to put up with that stuff. There just aren't enough good movies out there and then one comes along and it gets spoiled. Thumbs up to the movie and thumbs down to the disruption. As usual with top movies, the movie site, is really interesting, check it out.

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