Wednesday, June 15, 2005

June 15, Lowes vs Home Depot

Lowes vs Home Depot

There is a war going on and it doesn't have anything to do with the Middle East. It is a war within my mind as to which of the home improvement stores I saw a particular item in. I often scour Home Depot or Lowes for things I need and the things I wish I could have. I saw the perfect chandelier not long ago and wanted my husband to see it. I was sure it was at Home Depot. We got there and the moment I'm in the store that terrible feeling of being wrong again hits me. My husband had already started down an isle when he realized I'm not following. He looks back and he sees that look again. Back in the car to the other store. This happens all the time with both stores. I returned an item with the receipt and went to the wrong store. I saw the look on the clerks face, somewhat amused that I was trying to return a Lowes item with a Lowe's receipt to Home Depot. But she made me feel better when she said it happens a lot. Well, I'm not the only one then. I've taken to writing it down, lately, because it is too time consuming to be running back and forth. I actually don't feel it is my fault anymore. They shouldn't put two home improvement stores one parking lot away from each other.

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